We are a collaborative force with a passion for permaculture design, edible landscape and community based learning and development.

Lily and Ami have, between them, had over 35 years of practical experience in food garden facilitation within a wide range of climatic conditions and community contexts.

Lily White has been gardening organically for over 40 years. As a child she excelled at growing tomatoes and won many awards from the Boys and Girls Agricultural Club. Staying at her aunties, Lily developed and interest and knowledge base in herbs. Lily was inspired by Esther Deans and her talk at the Auckland Herb Society on the no-dig garden style. Lily practiced no-dig gardening for 20 years before formally studying organic gardening methods in 1994 at the Christchurch Polytechnic.

Lily has also studied landscape design at Lincoln University and has completed a certificate in Permaculture Design Teaching.

Her specialty topic is garden design and practices based on permaculture principles: the conscious design and maintenance of productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems.

For the past 18 years Lily has been running the Kids Edible Gardening programme and teaching adults through community education programmes.

Lily has worked with many early childhood centers, primary, intermediate and high schools in Christchurch, involving students, teachers, parents and other community groups.  By offering school demonstrations on worm bin, compost and Bokashi management methods, as well as offering practical experience with gardening organically.

She has offered support and guidance to other regions and participated in two national environmental education contracts.

Lily was specifically called upon to sharing her knowledge and experience on a contract with the New Zealand Heart Foundation

In mid 1999 Lily and the Kids Edible Gardens team were awarded the Green Ribbon Award by the Ministry for the Environment, for “outstanding leadership and commitment to environmental protection.”

Ami has had a life long passion for learning about the world and how to be a positive and active part of it. She sees growing food with others as a vital part to a happy human existence. Ami spent a lot of her childhood learning alone, with friends and alongside her parents in the surrounding countryside, vegetable garden, and native forest apery. After studying as a chef and dipping into resource studies she went on to complete a Certificate in Organic Growing at the Seven Oaks campus in Christchurch.         Ami then joined forces with Lily on the Kids Edible Gardens project and with the help of a creative team developed and published the Kids Edible Gardens Resource Guide for Teachers and Early Childhood Teachers. Working for 4 years as a garden facilitator she was drawn to complete a bachelor in teaching and learning at Canterbury University. Ami spent 5 years, classroom teaching in Auckland and with her students was able to develop successful learning opportunities based in and around organic food gardens, worm composting systems and sharing the freshly harvested produce.



NOURISHING our planet, bodies, minds and souls.