The Germinate Collective is a collaborative community.
      Our goal is to empower people to become successful organic food gardeners:
      • Design organic edible gardening learning programs with & for your community.
      • Choose learning tasks to share each week in an edible garden.
      • Design &¬†establish a successful, abundant edible garden.
      • Provide healthy, fresh, nourishing & affordable food for your home or community.
      • Experience the food cycle through sowing, growing, maintaining, harvesting, storing, preparing, sharing & eating the bountiful harvest.

Support The Germinate Workbook

The Germinate Workbook and Germinate Collective Website are currently under development. We are looking for organisations & individuals to support us in our endeavours to bring this publication to fruition. We are seeking support from those who share & promote the principle that diverse & connected communities lead to a resilient planet. When you support the Germinate workbook project you are helping to:
      • Sow seeds for resilience
      • Sow seeds of knowledge for survival
      • Empowering people to develop nourishing food systems